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LVR Automatic Vent Opener

Greenhouse Motors

The LVR 110V operable vent system is mercury free and designed to work with many style greenhouses.

  • Mercury-free (many vent systems contain mercury)
  • High and low limits built into the motor
  • High and low limits are easily set to accommodate seasonal changes
  • Pull-down handle to lower or raise vent in the event of a power failure
  • Used with "Arm and Rod" or "Rack and Pinion" Vent Systems
  • The LVR vent system may replace many older greenhouse motors, including L&B motors like the Mark II, No. 311 Safe Return Damper Motor Gleason-Avery, Von Weise Gear Motor, Clearline system for Solariums Somfy 562B, Janco Greenhouses, Everlite single-pane greenhouses, and many other greenhouses.

LVR Automatic Vent Opener - Tubular Glazing Bar Attachment
LVR Automatic Vent Opener - I-Frame Glazing Bars Attachment

Glazing Bar Differences

The LVR Automatic Vent Opener is fastenened to the structure's glazing bar(s). Before purchasing the LVR Automatic Vent Opener, you'll need to identify which type you have: I-Frame or Tubular?

Below are examples of the differences:

Tubular Glazing Bar Example:

Tubular Glazing Bars

I-Frame Glazing Bar Example:

Iframe Glazing Bars
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