Lord and Burnham Instructions

Lord and Burnham Installation Instructions - Page 40

Glazing a Lord and Burnham Greenhouse

Very Important: Before installing the glass, make sure the structure is plumb, level and square. The roof sash is glazed with U channel on the top and both sides - none on the bottom edge. Apply the plastic in one continuous piece to cover all three edges, and cut off the excess "bulge" at the two top corners with scissors.

Vinyl U plastic channel is also used on the top edge only of the side glass where it fits into the greenhouse eave and on the outer edge of gable glass where it fits into the groove in the end rafter(s). Glass for the sides, roof and gable(s) is glazed with plastic foam tape to bed the glass, and a top bead of compound.

Apply the plastic foam tape to the glazing shoulder of the bars with the paper side up. Do NOT remove the paper or plastic backing; it provides a smooth surface on which the glass can slide to facilitate installation.

Install the vent glass first, then the roof, sides and gables, in that order. Barcap as you go to keep the glass in place.

End lites in roof sash must be cut 1 ¼" to provide a lite 28 ¾" X 26" (Do NOT attempt to cut tempered glass).

For Imperials and Curved Eave Orlyts, install the curved lites in the roof first, Barcapping as you go; be sure there is a 3/8" lap of the flat roof glass over the curved lite.

#8 - ½" self-tapping screws are normally used for Barcap installation. Occasionally, a larger or smaller screw will be needed on the curved portion of the roof bar or end rafter, for curved eave models.

As the lites are installed, apply a top bead of caulking compound along the edges where the glass adjoins the roof bar. If the tip of the caulking cartridge is sealed, cut it with a knife at a 45 degree angle to provide a 3/8" nozzle opening. In cold weather, pre-warm the caulking cartridges for easier application.

Apply a smooth, continuous bead of caulking. Do not pull the gun toward you but PUSH the gun away from you - it makes a neater seal and fills all crevices completely.

Be sure to apply a liberal amount of caulking around the joints where the eave meets the roof bar, and at all side joints.

Gables (glass ends) are glazed in similar manner, except the glass is butted, not lapped, with plastic H-cames to seal the joint where lites come together.

After the house is glazed, check again to make sure the sills are absolutely level and straight.stretch a taut cord along the greenhouse sills from end to end and adjust as necessary before grouting the sills.

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