Lord and Burnham Instructions

Lord and Burnham Installation Instructions - Page 18

Protecting a Greenhouse from Rainfall

Occasionally, it is necessary to install on ORLYT with the interior floor below outside grade.This is generally a Lean-to, and installation in this manner is necessary to fit the ridge under a roof overhang.

In installations of this type, provision for drainage must be included - either in the form of a dry well in the areaway into the greenhouse and/or drain tiles to dry wells around the inside perimeter of the greenhouse.

In extreme cases (heavy clay soil), a dry well and a sump pump may be required.

Greenhouse Protection in Snow Country

If a Lean-to greenhouse must be installed under a sloping roof, precautions must be taken to prevent damage from sliding snow and ice:

  1. Install the greenhouse on the plain gable side.
  2. If you must put the ORLYT under a roof slope in snow country, recommend that the owner:
    • Install snow guards on the residence roof
    • Use tempered glass in the sash and roof lites
    • Install a wire mesh snow breaker 6" to 12" above the greenhouse glass.
Greenhouse Protection
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